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How gluten-free coaching changed my life!

Ever wondered what gluten-free coaching is all about?

Sometimes it helps to hear it from someone else. And that's just what you'll get from the wonderful Bronwyn whose life has transformed since she had gluten-free coaching. Yes, transformed!

"I'm like a different person!"

One of the biggest mistakes people can make is to think they have to make major changes. As Bronwyn says:

"Small changes bring about big improvements."

Being consistent with those changes (and it's easy to do because they're not big tasks) can mean life feels so much better.

And what might these changes be?

It could be as simple as batch-baking some gluten-free cupcakes, freezing them and then having a treat to take every time your coeliac child's invited to a birthday party.

Or it might be plucking up the courage to ask your work canteen for a gluten-free option on a daily basis.

Sometimes it can be about unloading some of the burden onto a willing loved one. I had a client who was exhausted from doing all the organising. Where would there be a gluten-free restaurant? Would they know about cross-contact? And was it worth all the scrolling on social media? But simply by putting her teenage daughters in charge, that meant they felt empowered and felt good about being able to help their mum have a nice meal out.

Notice how Bronwyn says:

"I have a lot more confidence when I'm going out to eat."

Isn't that wonderful? I've had clients come to me who've decided there's only one place they trust so they never explore anywhere new. Or worse, clients who've banished eating out altogether so they have to make everything themselves.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

There are so many tricks to ensuring you feel safe eating out. It might be as simple as looking on a local coeliac Facebook group to see others' recommendations. Or finding a restaurant with a coeliac chef. Or going somewhere like a curry house or sushi restaurant where a lot of the food is naturally gluten-free.

The great thing about seeing a gluten-free coach is that level of understanding you just won't get elsewhere. Anyone who hasn't experienced what it's like to be on gluten-free diet (without ever cheating) doesn't know the obstacles you're facing.

But that's where I come in. I've been coeliac for nearly 30 years. I know what it's like to be fobbed off by family members, miss out at special occasions and face discrimination at work. There's not a situation you can tell me about I haven't experienced or heard about from other clients. And I know the best ways to get life back on track so that being gluten-free needn't be the sole thing on your mind.

And if you're wondering about coaching, the best thing you can do is book a free online discovery call where we can discuss the best strategy to make your gluten-free lifestyle better. As Bronwyn says:

"Just do it!"

So here's the link to book your place now:

Still got questions? Check out my 'How I can help' page to find out more.


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My name's Ali and I help people on gluten-free diets have a better, easier and healthier lifestyle. 

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