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About Me

My name's Ali and my story begins back in 1996 when I started getting immense tummy pain and bloating but not knowing why.


I had countless trips to the doctor, an operation under general anaesthetic (after being misdiagnosed with endometriosis) and was reaching the end of my tether.


It was only a chance encounter with a new (and wonderful) doctor that I got my life back again.


He suggested coeliac disease, which eventually led to me having a positive biopsy and a strict gluten-free diet.


It wasn't long before I finally felt normal again. But I had to learn everything myself. I would have loved to have had someone to help me on my journey.

And that's why I began Life on a Rice Cake.

Ali Walsh gluten-free coach
Ali Walsh gluten-free coach

Why 'Life on a Rice Cake'?

After my coeliac diagnosis, I honestly thought my problems were over. But just a year later I was in hideous pain again. I decided it had to be food-related and started eliminating things. Eventually I got down to eating just rice cakes.

I finally managed to see a gastroenterologist who went through everything with me.

"Are you eating gluten?" he enquired.
"None. I'm only eating rice cakes."
He paused. "What are you drinking?"
"2 or 3 bottles of Diet Coke every day." (I saw it as a treat.)


And there lay the problem: Diet Coke contains caffeine and if you drink as much as I was, it's caffeine by the truckload. 

I stopped immediately.

2 weeks later I was back in a pair of jeans. (Anyone who suffers IBS will know what a triumph this is.)

Since then I've put together strategies to overcome common issues that coeliacs face (many of us also have IBS).


And it's made my world a whole lot better!

How you can benefit

Wondering how can I help you? Here's what I offer:

  1. Support sessions for coeliacs (book online here).

  2. A fantastic coeliac disease course to help you feel fabulous.

  3. Advice and guidance on going gluten-free in my blog.

I'll get you to a better, easier lifestyle where you can thrive!


You can also benefit from my online 7 Day Swap course where I teach you how to make quick & yummy gluten-free meals without having to resort to white rice or a jacket spud.


You can also hop over to my Instagram account to see daily photos, videos and motivators.

Lastly, click on my Facebook group 'The Gluten-Free Haven' and join in the conversation. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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