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Gluten-Free Coach for Coeliac Disease

Ali Walsh gluten-free coach

Gluten-Free Coaching

Discover how a gluten-free coach can transform your life! 

At Life On a Rice Cake, you'll get expert gluten-free coaching from coeliac Ali Walsh and a range of specialist gluten-free medical experts.

Ali believes there's always a way to make life better, whatever your reason to be gluten-free (and there are more than many people realise).

Living with a condition like coeliac disease, NCGS or dermatitis herpetiformis can be challenging, but with the right guidance it doesn't have to be.


As your trusted gluten-free coach, Ali at Life On a Rice Cake is here to help you navigate your gluten-free journey with ease and confidence.


Online courses

Want to live your BEST gluten-free life?

My gluten-free courses are designed to accelerate that journey.


I’ve lived with coeliac disease for over 25 years. For these courses, I’ve worked with specialists including an award-winning coeliac dietitian, coeliac doctor and gluten-free nutritionist to ensure you get the very best help and support.


My clients have had incredible results, even when they’ve been gluten-free for years.


Not sure where to begin? Read the glowing testimonials below and let them point you in the right direction. And once you begin, you’ll be so glad you did!

Ali Walsh gluten-free coach