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Time for a gluten-free lunch break!

Set your alarm for 12!

(That's midday, btw, and not an alarm to wake you from a deep slumber tonight...or the bar, depending on your lifestyle!)

The wonderful Rebecca from Glutarama and I will be live on Instagram discussing anxiety and its role in coeliac disease.

It would be great to think that having coeliac disease simply meant avoiding gluten but many a coeliac knows that's not the case. If you're prone to anxiety and you've now got to avoid all crumbs of gluten, you may find some ugly habits begin (or flare up again, depending on your history).

Anxiety in coeliacs may include:

  • constantly checking things you've already checked (like ingredients on packets);

  • feeling irritable and stressed over things that shouldn't matter;

  • not trusting a waiter or restaurant when they promise the food they've given you is gluten-free; and

  • feeling overly worried that food is out of your control.

What's going on?

Rebecca and I will be investigating why anxiety happens and how it can manifest itself (yep, we've got personal stories to rival any you've experienced yourself - you won't be alone!).

Then we'll look at some practical strategies you can take to reduce your coeliac anxiety triggers.

We'll be taking your questions!

You'll be able to ask us live if there's something that's really bothering you. Big or small, a niggle is a niggle and it helps if you can share it with people who understand.

Catch up

Can't make it for midday? Don't worry! The video will be shared on my Instagram page later this afternoon so you'll be able to watch it at your leisure.

And finally... If you're feeling overwhelmed, Rebecca and I are not a substitute for healthcare. Make sure you talk to a medical professional if you have concerns.



Hi! Great to have you here...

My name's Ali and I help people on gluten-free diets have a better, easier and healthier lifestyle. 

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