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How to dine out safely on a gluten-free diet

Are you fed up of trying to find a place that'll cater for your gluten-free diet?

Where can a coeliac eat out safely?

Or are you simply nervous about going anywhere because you're worried the staff will get your order wrong?

I know how that feels.

So I've got some top tips for making sure you can eat out safely now that lockdown rules have eased.

If you're feeling nervous about a place getting your gluten-free order right, I have 2 suggestions: either go for a curry (where most options are naturally gluten-free) or go to a place that's accredited by Coeliac UK.

You'll notice in their list they include chains (Pho is my favourite) and independents, which means you can choose something to suit your lifestyle, too.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you tell them you need a gluten-free meal and for total comfort, take a gluten-free restaurant card with you so they can show it to the chef. I prefer doing this than simply showing them my phone as sometimes they walk off with my phone to show the chef, which makes me uneasy (I want my phone back!).

But if the chef doesn't speak English, you can easily find their language on a restaurant card so handing over the phone may be necessary (and better than getting ill!).

And when you find somewhere that goes to great lengths to ensure you get a gluten-free meal, make sure you tell the world on social media so we can all benefit!

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