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Merry Gluten-Free Xmas!

Usually on Xmas Day we fall into one of two camps:

(a) How did Christmas Day arrive so quickly? or

(b) At last! It feels I've been waiting, like, FOREVER.

Admittedly, I've not experienced (b) since I started full-time work. Usually, it's a flurry of dashing madly about, convinced I need more and more stocking fillers until I realise that, actually, I've got so much that the stocking would need to be triple the size to squeeze everything in.

Presents at Xmas (but will they be gluten-free?)
Please let those be gluten-free goodies!

This year's obviously been...wait for it - understatement of the century alert...different.

9 years ago when I wasn't very well with post-viral fatigue, I had my own experience of being housebound for months on end.

But in mid-December I managed to sit up and make some carol singers for a Xmas cake. The task proved great fun and therapeutic in the process. So here are my little carol singers for your amusement:

A merry gluten-free Xmas cake
We wish you a merry gluten-free Xmas! We wish you...

And although my own lockdown all that time ago only affected me, it did give me an insight into understanding how to change my life so I could have enjoyment no matter what.

While much of what's happened in 2020 has been awful (whether financial, medical or concerning mental health), one (dare I say it) good thing to have emerged is a better understanding for coeliacs at Xmas.

If you're able to spend time with friends or family today, you'll arguably have a better chance at eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination.


By comparing gluten with covid.

"Imagine every time you touch gluten you're actually touching covid," you can say. "So when you touch gluten, to get rid of it, you'll need to wash your hands for 20 seconds."

And yes, there'll be someone who does an eye-roll or thinks you're exaggerating, but the vast majority of people who didn't "get it" before may suddenly hear a penny drop.

So whatever your plans for Xmas dinner today and however you're eating it, I hope this gluten-free crumb of reassurance will ease any anxiety you've had in previous years.

Because let's face it, we could all do with a spot of good news. And I do hope yours comes with all the gluten-free trimmings.

Merry Xmas, all!

(Meanwhile, if you're wondering what to do on the rainy days when you can't go and visit others, I highly recommend making your own New Year cake decorations.)



Hi! Great to have you here...

My name's Ali and I help people on gluten-free diets have a better, easier and healthier lifestyle. 

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