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Do you need a new gluten-free lunch?

Fed up with gluten-free bread, never mind a jacket spud? Want something different for lunch?

I have just the ticket!

Amisa products that are gluten-free

I was so excited to receive a fab box of goodies from Amisa, a brilliant brand that suddenly seems to have sprouted from a recent good harvest.

Their mantra is "all food should be delicious" and "freefrom shouldn't mean lacking". And if their chestnut crispbread's anything to go by, they've excelled themselves.

I must admit, I was drawn to the chestnut crispbread first because it sounded so unusual. I popped some spicy chicken with a spot of salad on top, drizzled over some yogurt and was very happy indeed.

And if you're having a day where you'd like to keep munching, these gorgeous little crispbreads come in handy little packs of seven, which means you'll get a larger ratio of topping to crispbread than you would if you were making a sandwich.

Amisa organic chestnut crispbread

But if you're wondering whether the crispbreads are just yet another product that coeliacs will put up with because they have to (what other choice do we have?) then don't worry: my husband tried one and thought they were delicious - he said they had a really interesting, nutty flavour - and he can eat anything he chooses (which when left to his own devices on Saturday was a Ginsters pasty and two Double Deckers).

Ali Walsh with Amisa gluten-free chestnut crispbread
This was a rather hasty photo - I couldn't wait to dive in!

So what's next on the agenda? Well, that chocolate brownie mix is calling and it just so happens to be my husband's birthday on Friday. I'll report back...

Find other gluten-free recipes and food ideas here in my other blog posts. Let's start with 5 minute easy pizzas!



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