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Dining out this Xmas? You'll need this!

Isn't it great being able to go to a restaurant this Xmas? After it wasn't possible last year, it feels like it's even more important to celebrate. That is, unless you're a coeliac and you get glutened.

To prevent that happening, I always take a coeliac restaurant card out with me. Yes, even in English restaurants.

Prior to doing this, I often found speaking to a waiter who then spoke to the chef would mean something would go overlooked. This has resulted in me being served:

(a) roast potatoes in semolina;

(b) a stuffing ball next to my turkey; and

(c) a shortbread biscuit crumbled over my panna cotta pudding.

Sadly, I didn't spot all the errors. The stuffing ball and the biscuit were easy enough to question but the semolina went under the radar. And I was so angry that the chef hadn't listened to my repeated requests for gluten-free. Except, of course, that the chef had only heard whatever the waiter had relayed.

Initially I used to use a coeliac restaurant card I found online. But it didn't quite get across what I needed it to, including information about shared fryers, which I've found to be very common in England.

So I've made my own card which I highly recommend you print and laminate 3 times so you've got one in your purse/pocket, one in your glove compartment and one in your luggage for when you next travel.

Better still, it's free! Just click here to get your copy now.

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