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Setting boundaries with coeliac disease


Do you feel awkward about needing gluten-free food? Are there people who just don't understand what it means to be coeliac? Do you find friends and family don't respect your needs? This session has the solution! We'll cover: * problems presented by a gluten-free diet; * identifying what it means to have a "faddy diet"; * comparing the difference between a coeliac and vegan diet; * the types of people/places where you might have gluten-free issues; * how being coeliac makes you feel; * your own behaviour (e.g. resentment or being uncomfortable) * the result of unhelpful behaviours - burn out/additional health issues; * case studies; * people-pleasing, anger and tackling weaponised gratitude; * what happens when you don't address your mental health; * individual needs and when to see a doctor; * mindset tricks; * getting your needs met and learning the ABC approach; * looking at how you can set boundaries in 3 common situations by using the ABC approach; and * understanding how to set boundaries in really tough situations. You'll also be given an ABC worksheet to personalise for your own boundary setting. You'll leave the webinar session feeling excited about a new way forward to improve your life with coeliac disease. N.B. This webinar is part of a larger program 'From Bloated To Brilliant' and references other parts of the program. If you wish to upgrade at any time, the cost of this webinar will be taken off the amount you pay for the main program.

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