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3 ways to have a FUN gluten-free Easter!

Whoo-hoo! Chocolate!

Reese's chocolate bunny
Altogether now: I can't hear you!

If you're a big chocoholic like me, you'll be super excited about this weekend, especially as there are tons of eggs in the UK that are suitable for coeliacs, including ones from brands normally off-limits. Yup, I'm looking at you KitKat Bunny Easter Egg (ahem, BUNNY egg and not - sob! - regular or chunky).

As always, check the labels, but so far this year there are the usual fall-backs including the Reese's chocolate Easter bunny (beware: it's HUGE!), numerous Cadbury's eggs and (my favourite) the Booja Booja selection, which are not only gluten-free but dairy-free and vegan.

Cadbury's Orange Twirl Easter Egg
Here I am with mini-me & a Cadbury's Orange Twirl last year when we escaped to Cornwall.

But what if you'd like a bit of excitement with the kids or just want to get creative? You could make your own Easter eggs (with melted chocolate & an egg mould, it's pretty straightforward) but maybe you'd like something quicker. So here are 3 ways to brighten up the weekend.

  1. Make your own cheesecake Easter breakfast egg. (a) Halve a chocolate egg so you have 2 shells in front of you. Pour in some gluten-free granola (I like the Eat Natural buckwheat version as it doesn't contain oats) and layer on top some Kvarg cheesecake protein yogurt. Add a KitKat bunny and Cadbury's mini eggs and a squirt of squeezy nut butter (or melted chocolate drizzled over if you need to avoid nuts or peanuts).

  2. Paint egg shells Whaddya mean "that old trick"? It's surprisingly full of nostalgia and relaxing. Plus, the good news is the painting bit's not difficult. But cleaning up afterwards will be made monumentally better by covering the table in newspaper and blowing the eggs first. (And yes, that's the part that's not so easy.) As an alternative, boil an egg, let it cool, gently take off the top, scoop out the inside and then hide the hole in an egg box lined with cotton wool so no-one can tell. And use food colouring for the painting (I like Sugarflair).

  3. "Plant" rice & grow bunnies by the morning This is great for little kids! Get them to throw rice over grass in the garden before they go to bed and tell them the legend of the overnight bunnies. Before they wake up, hide tin foil bunnies in the grass. You can get some miniature ones from Lidl that are gluten-free with no may contains.

Finally, don't forget the fun you can have with actual eggs themselves. There are so many ways to enjoy. I'm a big fan of "coddled" but perhaps you're "over-easy" or "poached"?

Delicious gluten-free brekkie with fried egg
Sunny side up on Genius bread!

Whatever you're up to, I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing break. And for anyone who wants to zone out and appreciate the finer points of the English coastline, here's a pic from my Cornish holiday last year. And I know it's hard to believe but seriously, there are NO FILTERS on this. Just look at that sky! That sea! That luscious foliage! (Hmm, perhaps not the place to throw rice, though.)

Still looking for things to do with the kids? Have you seen my gluten-free baking basics for kids? It's FREE! Check it out here...


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