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Online course quiz

Have you done an online course or masterclass? Whether it’s a live yoga session, mastering your camera phone, learning how to use Instagram or getting better at French, there are loads of classes you can take. Perhaps you tried a parenting skills course or how to improve time management. You might have taken a live class on Facebook, Instagram or Eventbrite. Or maybe you bought a set of pre-recorded courses on Udemy or Skillshare. We’re curious to know what you’ve tested and benefited from!

Ali Walsh small file laptop outside.jpg
Do you follow a gluten-free diet?
How many online courses have you done in the last 2 years?

If you've never done an online course, please skip the following questions and go to the question marked under the section **************************

What was important to you when you looked at doing a course? (Select all that apply)
How have you found out about online courses you've taken? (Select all that apply)
What was the course/courses for? (Select all that apply)


If you considered doing a course but didn't, why was that? (Select all that apply)
Did you face any challenges doing an online course? (Select all that apply)
Would you recommend doing an online course to others?
Were you aware of gluten-free online courses at Life On A Rice Cake?
Did you know you could get a gluten-free coach?
What services would you be interested in getting a gluten-free coach to help you with?

Thanks so much for your help with this survey! We're always looking for customers to talk further about products and services. If you would like to be contacted in future, please fill in your details below. (Skip and submit if you'd like to remain anonymous.)

Many thanks for submitting!

Now that you've learnt a bit more about what we do, feel free to explore the courses you could benefit from by clicking the button below.

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