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Welcome to gluten-free membership! The masterclasses, community sessions and private membership group are designed specifically to help you have the BEST gluten-free life yet.


We'll meet on:

  1. The 1st Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm (BST);

  2. With a live online session;

  3. Covering a gluten-free topic you'll be desperate to know the answers to;

  4. Meet other wonderfully supportive gluten-free members; and

  5. You'll be invited to a private group where you can share your progress, top tips and recipes and how you're finding things in general.



Each month there'll be:


  1. A live Q&A session for any gluten-free questions you have
    (3rd Wednesday of the month @7:30pm);

  2. A guest speaker; and

  3. Gluten-free prizes up for grabs!


So don't wait another minute - it'll be great to have you as part of our gluten-free family - sign up today!


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