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Your gluten-free dreams are just around the corner!

It’s time to get happy...the FreeFrom Food Festival is only a week away!

Gluten-free food at the FreeFrom Food Festival

This festival is all about delicious food without the worry of dietary restrictions holding you back. Everything (yes, everything!) is gluten-free. It’s also dairy-free and refined sugar-free, too.

The atmosphere is like Christmas. Everyone’s so excited! This is one of the few freefrom festivals where you don’t just get brownies (but don’t worry: there’ll still be brownies).

There are loads of hot food stands to choose from. In fact, last time I was at the festival I deliberately went early so there’d be time to fit in a gluten-free lunch AND a gluten-free tea!

And there’s plenty for vegans, too. So whether you're gluten-free, dairy-free, or have other dietary restrictions, there's something for everyone to enjoy. From savoury snacks to sweet treats (pies, cakes, cookies…you name it), you'll be spoilt for choice.

In addition to indulging in delicious food, the FreeFrom Food Festival also has a speaker stage and yes, you’ve guessed – I’ll be up there in the afternoon at 2:45pm.

Ali Walsh guest speaker at the FreeFrom Food Festival

Throughout the day, there will be informative talks and demonstrations covering topics such as gluten-free cooking tips, allergy management, and healthy eating. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn from experts in the field and gain valuable insights into managing dietary restrictions.

And my topic? It’s ‘Quick & easy gluten-free family meals’. So if you’re keen to know ways to save time but still produce some amazing dinners, make sure you save your spot early.

How to get there

  • Venue: Document, Pennywell Road, Bristol, BS5 0TL

  • Date: Saturday 24 February

  • Time: 11am – 5pm

  • Tickets: BOOK HERE

How to get to the Bristol FreeFrom Food Festival

And remember: I love knowing when I’m going to see people so make sure you let me know if you’re coming!



Hi! Great to have you here...

My name's Ali and I help people on gluten-free diets have a better, easier and healthier lifestyle. 

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