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Irresistible gluten-free waffle cone icecreams!

So the weather's hotted up and everyone's flagging down the icecream van for a 99.

That is, everyone except coeliacs like me who are boiling hot (and not just with the weather but also inner rage! Why can't icecream vans all do gluten-free cones? Why?!).

Gluten-free waffle cones with icecream & meringues
Fancy making these?

But never mind that. Why not arm yourself with some decent supermarket gluten-free waffle cones and make your own?

I bought mine from Tesco. So far each pack I've purchased (and I must confess to buying rather a lot) has had in-tact cones (rather than the sorry-for-themselves broken cones I've found elsewhere).

Many icecream tubs are gluten-free so that wasn't difficult (although obviously check the brand you're buying, especially if it includes dangers like "cookies and cream"; vanilla's usually safe but don't take anything for granted).

I added mini meringues on top (these ones were from Aldi) and also hid some mini marshmallows in the cones (these were from Asda but I've yet to find a marshmallow that isn't gluten-free*).

I've been known to add peanut butter and chocolate to the bottom of cones, too (I mean, what's an icecream if you can't pimp it out?!).

Ali Walsh with gluten-free waffle cone
Can you tell it's 38 degrees Celsius?! My face says it all!

Below is a super quick video showing you how I made 4 icecreams at once. Let me know when you make yours!

* Boring (but necessary) warning! As always, check the ingredients and allergens; always avoid 'may contains' and check every time you buy in case the recipe and/or manufacturing methods have changed.



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