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Gluten-free cookery courses

Explore a more exciting world of baking!

  • Are you eating the same foods over and over?

  • Are you desperate to bake but can't because recipes contain ingredients you can't have?

  • Do you sigh at mealtimes, wishing there were a way to make food less boring?

Ditch the jacket spuds in 7 Day Swap

Here's the solution! It's one where you'll explore a more exciting world of gluten-free. Just choose the programs that best suit your needs, including:

  • A 7 day challenge where you explore new foods like buckwheat and chia seeds;

  • Yummy cookie dough bites and a sumptuous chocolate log;

  • Easy to follow baking programs designed for children for ages 6 and up.

What you'll get:

  • A video with each recipe and a downloadable recipe card.

  • Invaluable tips and advice for each recipe.

Grow in confidence

  • The programs are simple and fun. 

  • They're specially designed so you can feel confident trying out new gluten-free foods.

Spiced cookie dough bites & choc log.png

Allergen information

  • Every recipe is gluten-free, designed for coeliacs and also wheat-free.

  • Ingredients are either vegan or have an easy vegan substitute.

  • All recipes have allergen information with substitute suggestions.

Ali Walsh
I'm Ali Walsh and truly believe gluten-free baking is delicious!


Don’t just take my word for it! See how other people have already benefitted!

  • "The Quinoa Massala was lush!"

  • "The recipes were easy to follow and I like that the videos were short, too." 

  • "Your way was a much better way to cook sweet potatoes and I'll continue to cook them your way in the future."

  • "I was actually surprised about the buckwheat groats - I'll have these again!" 

  • "The 7 Day Swap is good for people who don't like to cook and want some new alternatives."

My story 

When I was first diagnosed with coeliac disease, I remember feeling totally lost. I wish I’d had someone I could have turned to – someone to give me confidence to bake gluten-free.

But there wasn't much help out there.

I had to teach myself how to bake again without gluten. To make meals that were better than just a jacket spud. And although it took a few years, I finally had success with cakes, curries, puddings, brownies, bread and more!

You deserve to be able to create wonderful food in the kitchen, too! So that’s why I’ve created these programs.


Do I need to have coeliac disease to do the course programs?

Parts of the course are tailored specifically for coeliacs but there's no reason not to join in if you're not coeliac.

Do you cater for other dietary requirements?

Yes. All recipes come with allergen information and have an alternative if you can't have an ingredient (e.g. milk or egg).

Are your recipes suitable for vegans?

Yes! All recipes are either vegan or have a vegan alternative where the end result is just as scrumptious!

How do I make payment?

Click on the course you want and the payment options will appear.

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