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Laughing off gluten-free ignorance with humour


Fed up with ignorance? When you have coeliac disease, it's easy to become frustrated by others. When it comes to eating gluten, are you often told, "You can have a little bit!" or "Go on! We're celebrating!" Maybe people refer to you as having a "faddy diet" and don't cater for you properly. Whatever's bothering you, this session has the solution. Meet Angie Belcher: a comedy drama therapist who'll teach you ways to approach situations with humour. Before you know it, you'll be itching to try out her tactics. They're practical and easy to use. We'll cover: * problems coeliacs often encounter; * how to use the 'ignore-confront-divert' model; * how to have confidence; * dealing with remarks, put downs, exclusions; * understanding and concern over lack of care or insensitivity; * analysing language people use & how it can affect us; * finding practical solutions for situations we've encountered that have meant we've gone hungry, been worried about eating out or been made to feel awkward; * using tactics such as love-bombing, mining, exaggeration and sarcasm; and * finding ways to tackle issues in restaurants. You'll leave the webinar session feeling excited to try out your inner comedian! You'll also get a crib sheet to pop on the fridge. N.B. This webinar is part of a larger program 'From Bloated To Brilliant' and references other parts of the program. If you wish to upgrade at any time, the cost of this webinar will be taken off the amount you pay for the main program.

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