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Cook delicious gluten-free & low FODMAP food


Join health and nutrition expert Laura Wooding for delicious gluten-free cooking. With over 15 years of expertise, you'll experience an exciting exploration of not just gluten-free but also low FODMAP delights. Get ready to savour a variety of tantalising dishes, including: * sausage casserole (your choice of meat or vegan); * vegetable curry; * vanilla creamy cashew dessert And Laura's knowledge goes beyond just cooking fantastic meals. We delve into: * foods with minimal ingredients; * analysing sugar content (and if it matters); * dairy-free alternatives; * preparing your body for the digestive process; * looking at soluble & insoluble fibre; * how to support healthy gut bacteria; * eating the rainbow; * which spices and stock cubes are gluten-free & low FODMAP; * foods to improve blood circulation, ease nausea & help you focus; * foods to ease IBS; * options for gluten-free soy sauces (light & dark); * food hacks (you'll love the bell pepper one!); * alternatives for foods you need to avoid; and * how to make a high protein, low carb dessert. You'll also get Laura's recipe cards for each dish including a bonus recipe for chocolate nut clusters (yum!). After this, you'll be desperate to get in the kitchen! N.B. This webinar is part of a larger program 'From Bloated To Brilliant' and references other parts of the program. If you wish to upgrade at any time, the cost of this webinar will be taken off the amount you pay for the main program.

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