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Coeliac GP: your best health


Trust your well-being to Dr. Lis Kilcourse – not just your typical GP, but someone who really gets it. Why? Because she's not only a doctor; she's living the gluten-free life with coeliac disease herself. Let her empower you to navigate the world of healthcare and make your gluten-free journey much, much easier. This webinar includes: * medical advice so you can be in your best health; * how coeliac disease is diagnosed; * understanding the 'Marsh' criteria; * the intestine and 'leaky gut'; * genetics and coeliac disease; * accuracy of testing; * endoscopies & whether they're necessary; * screening for children; * gluten-free diet management; * the tests you need (annual, bloods & DEXA) and your FRAX score; * supplementation for coeliacs; * managing complications in coeliac disease; and * the future for coeliac disease: stool/urine tests and vaccine rumours. You'll leave the webinar session feeling excited about a new way forward with your coeliac diagnosis. N.B. This webinar is part of a larger program 'From Bloated To Brilliant' and references other parts of the program. If you wish to upgrade at any time, the cost of this webinar will be taken off the amount you pay for the main program.

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