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From Bloated to Brilliant (12 wk pre-record)


From Bloated To Brilliant is a fantastic online course for frustrated and confused coeliacs, including:​ 😃 a coeliac doctor to give you medical advice so you can be in your best health; 😃 a specialist coeliac dietitian (Cristian Costas) to help you banish persistent symptoms & master your gluten-free diet; 😃 a mindset hypnotherapist to reduce stress with solution-focused methods as effective as a FODMAP diet; 😃 a yoga instructor using breathwork so you can follow a calming, easy strength routine for better digestion; 😃 a comedy drama specialist who'll help you role play situations so you feel more confident dealing with friends and family around food (and have some fun at the same time!); 😃 a gluten-free chef showing you how to cook 3 delicious low FODMAP gluten-free meals & give you an abundance of tips; 😃 your own personal stylist who'll teach you how to dress to hide bloating (whilst looking fabulous!); and 😃 a few freebies (like extra audio sessions) to help you make even more progress. Best of all, you'll be feeling like your old self before you know it. There’ll be small tasks to complete for some sessions (don’t worry – they're really quick and well as enjoyable!). The videos are pre-recorded so you can complete them at your own pace. All materials are provided online. So if you’re struggling with your gluten-free lifestyle and don't know where to begin, this is just the place for you. All you need to do is join!

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