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The best gluten-free pizza (and how to buy it from your armchair)

I'm sure you don't need reminding why stocking up on pizza this weekend is a priority!

Ali Walsh with a gluten-free Kirsty's pizza
My favourite gluten-free pizza!

But finding a decent gluten-free version can be a bit hit-and-miss first time round so here are some pointers.

Supermarket buys

Most supermarkets stock at least two types of freefrom pizza. That said, some aren't as palatable as others. My favourites include Kirsty's (margherita if you're vegan or sweet chilli chicken if not). When I asked about it on Instagram, masses of you were in favour of Goodfella's (which was a surprise as it's never been one I've particularly liked).

The supermarket own brands tend to be pepperoni or margherita, which you can easily pimp with your own toppings (my favourites are ham, sweetcorn and extra grated mozzarella). Most pizza toppings are naturally gluten-free but just make sure you don't get breaded ham or a tin of sweetcorn with a 'may contain' warning (seriously, this has happened to me!). Also, if you're vegan, check the "cheddar" you're using doesn't contain oat fibre.

Yes, you read that correctly! Oats don't only appear in vegan cheese; I've seen them listed on some of the chilled aisle pizzas and as a coeliac who can't tolerate avenin, that means they're off limits. That said, White Rabbit do 5 different gluten-free pizzas without oats (including a naked one for you to choose toppings for and 3 vegan choices) which means they cater for a number of different allergens.

Online shopping

The best thing about online shopping is you're not stuck with whatever appears in your nearest supermarket. So if you know that (e.g.) Morrison's does your favourite, you don't have to drive out of your way to get it. That said, there's always the chance they'll give you a substitution, so be prepared to try something new or forego your beloved pizza.


Places that previously stopped doing gluten-free pizzas are now boasting they're back on the menu. If you've taken to social media lately you'll either have been bombarded by adverts or seen a raging debate from fellow coeliacs about whether the pizzas are worth buying.

There genuinely seems to be a 50/50 split about Domino's and its gluten-free pizzas. Some people are saying they're too expensive (prices start at £10.99) while others don't rate the taste. My own experience (admittedly, prior to lockdown) is that they weren't worth it (the base was pretty rigid) and they were a bit small.

For anyone who's curious about cross-contamination procedures, please note that Domino's in the UK is now coeliac-accredited, which means the pizzas are safe for coeliacs. Other countries may differ.

Better-rated comes Pizza Hut, for which I've not seen a bad coeliac review. They have masses of gluten-free options and offer both collection and delivery, although despite living in a city I didn't qualify for the latter; instead I could choose from one of 3 different huts, each of which were a couple of miles away. Pizza Hut has an allergen guide that specifically mentions coeliacs and has been checked by Coeliac UK for its procedures. All this and it boasts a chocolate brownie that's gluten-free!

Making your own

The quickest way to make your own is something I've covered in a previous blog post. It takes only 5 minutes (and that's with kids!) and tastes fab. But you can also buy a ready-made pizza base if you prefer, rather than mini pitta breads, and make your own sauce by making a garlic and tomato reduction, which tastes amazing and is worth every minute of extra time you put into it (rather like every minute of extra time England got on Wednesday).

Gluten-free pizza bases can be found in the chilled aisle such as White Rabbit's (as mentioned before) or in the freefrom aisle in a sealed package of two with a good shelf life (Schar is a good brand for this).

So however you're celebrating on Sunday (fingers crossed, fingers crossed) there are plenty of ways to enjoy a gluten-free pizza. And if you want to show off your bakes, join The Coeliac Haven on Facebook where everyone will be rooting to know your secret!



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