Essential ways to improve your health after a coeliac diagnosis

Discover the KEY AREAS you could be missing
which have a major effect on your health!

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your coeliac disease diagnosis?

  • Are you worried about nutrition?

  • How would it feel to have an easy-to-follow video showing you the key areas you need to focus on to ensure optimum health?

  • To be in control again, to have confidence... 

  • Imagine waking up knowing you're doing the best for your body without worrying about gluten.

That's exactly what I'm offering you!

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This webinar includes:


  • The 4 key areas you need to focus on to ensure optimum health

  • Where to find essential foods & supplements for a gluten-free diet

  • Questions you can ask your doctor/dietitian to ensure you
    future-proof common coeliac health conditions

  • A sense of optimism and calm

  • Feeling confident and reassured

You'll leave the webinar session feeling excited about a new way forward.

What it's like to work with me

“Ali helped me with many things.”

About me

Ali Walsh
Ali’s background

Ali initially worked as an English teacher after graduating from Bath University. She is now an accomplished writer and speaker, regularly taking the guest slot at events including the FreeFrom Food Festival and Coeliac UK. Ali also writes for Gluten-Free Heaven magazine and often appears on BBC radio.

“I began my website ‘Life on a Rice Cake’ because people needed somewhere to go for valuable advice on coeliac wellbeing. There’s a way to make life easier, no matter how difficult things might seem, and I always keep things fun. Life should be fun!”

One of Ali’s ways of making life more entertaining was evident when she entered the London marathon for Coeliac UK. On a hot and sweaty day in April, she ran dressed as a stuffed crust pizza slice. 

Ali lives in Bristol with her husband and two naughty little people who love covering themselves in chocolate.

Ali Walsh - Coeliac Coach

My story (and why I can relate to what you’re going through)


Before I was diagnosed with coeliac disease in 1999, nobody seemed that concerned about me. I spent 3 years being ill and not knowing why. There were flippant remarks, casual misdiagnoses and ritual humiliation (like being weighed at hospital in front of a full waiting room).

And each time I was given a new (incorrect) diagnosis, there’d be a familiar sense of realisation they’d got it wrong again. When the doctors had absolute confidence and conviction I had endometriosis, they cut me open under general anaesthetic and discovered I didn’t.

There were also small acts of incompetence, even after I'd been confirmed coeliac, like the nurse who offered me a biscuit in the waiting room.

And it wasn’t just the medical profession that caused me frustration. Problems seemed to sprout everywhere. A family member told me my pain was psychosomatic. A ‘friend’ thought if she secretly hid gluten in my food that I’d never know. At work there’d be beige buffets with absolutely nothing I could have except a slice of cheddar. (Much as I like cheese, it’s hardly a well-rounded meal.)

Those were the days when no-one had the internet and allergen information didn’t appear on food. And although a lot has changed, in many ways it’s created a new problem – we’re now swamped with so much information it’s difficult to know where to start.

I remember feeling totally lost. I wish I’d had someone I could have turned to – someone to give me confidence.

So that’s why I produced this webinar.

My expertise

I'm a regular speaker for coeliac events, often appearing on BBC radio and frequently speaking at events in London, Bristol and Bath including the FreeFrom Food Festival and Coeliac UK. I spent 5 years writing as a gluten-free expert for Gluten-Free Heaven magazine and recently featured in Coeliac UK's Tales From a Gluten-Free Christmas campaign. My mission is to improve the lives of as many coeliacs as possible.


“Highly, highly recommended.”

"It's helped me immensely."