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Coeliac dietitian: mastering the gluten-free diet


"I've learnt more in 1 hour than I have in 11 years of having coeliac disease!" (Course participant) Get ready to be excited! Specialist coeliac dietitian Cristian Costas is here to give you medical advice about your gluten-free diet. You'll cover 5 key areas: (a) how to follow the gluten-free diet properly (b) how coeliac disease should be monitored (c) managing persistent symptoms (d) other associated medical conditions (e) optimising the gluten-free diet and improving digestive health * discussion about BROWS; * oats and whether coeliacs can tolerate them; * individualised approaches to coeliac disease; * research with gluten testing on coeliacs; * food labels and how to read them; * checking cross-contamination and precautionary allergen labelling; * getting the gluten-free balance right with your family; * eating out and food preparation; * refractory coeliac disesae; * IBS and coeliac disease; * lactose intolerance in coeliac disease; * other autoimmune diseases (including diabetes); * psychological therapy and mental wellness; * a range of gluten-free foods (especially carbohydrates); * importance of getting nutrients such as fibre, vitamins & calcium. You'll leave the webinar session feeling excited about a new way forward with your coeliac diagnosis. N.B. This webinar is part of a larger program 'From Bloated To Brilliant' & references other parts of the program. To upgrade at any time, the cost of this webinar will be taken off the amount you pay for the course.

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