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Beat the bloat with styling secrets!


Do you feel depressed because you're bloated? Do you need to hide away in case anyone sees your big tummy? Then Jennifer Jones is here to save the day! She's a styling expert who'll show you ways to wear clothing and jewellery so you look sensational whilst hiding any troublesome areas. Did you know certain clothes may actually make you feel worse? We look at "tight pants syndrome". We also cover: * how to achieve confidence with your clothing style; * focusing on what you love; * great examples of things you can wear to take focus away from your tummy; * how to draw the eye up; * long lines in clothing using jackets, scarves, vertical stripes and tie-bows; * how to use accessories and make-up to add drama and colour; * mood-boosting tools to make you feel amazing; * analysing the best colours suited to your skin & hair; * focusing on 'colour me beautiful' theory; * how to let your unique style shine through; and * wearing clothes you feel comfortable in (but look amazing!). You'll also get a style confidence checklist. You'll leave the webinar session knowing you don't have to let a health issue like bloating rule your life anymore. Get excited about a new way of dressing that's going to have you holding your head high! N.B. This webinar is aimed at women and is part of a larger program 'From Bloated To Brilliant' and references other parts of the program. If you wish to upgrade, the cost of this webinar will be taken off the amount you pay for the main program.

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